Activities & Attractions

At the Oneonta Sports Park there is fun for the whole family. We offer a wide variety of activities and attractions.

Driving Range

Enjoy the large driving range we offer to help you hon your skills on the golf course. This range offers yardage of over 300 yards. You also have your choice of hitting off artificial grass mats or real grass.

Features: 300 yard range, Pro style tees, Two grass tee boxes, Use of real wood tees, and all clean balls.

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 Mini Golf

We also offer a 18 hole mini golf course that boasts a large waterfall grato on the 9th hole. Kids and Adults alike will love the creative holes and the many frogs and fish that navigate the streams that interweave the many holes.

Features: Caves, Waterfalls, and Mystery Holes. Groups of 4 or more play for a Free Pass.

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Multi Sport Course

WEDGE GOLF: is played just like golf accept with just wedges, no driver-no putter. Player pitch and chip into large 22″ cups on th green. The fastest and funniest round of golf you ever play.

DISC GOLF: is played on the same course as golf only with special frisbees thrown at chain baskets.

FOOT GOLF: follows the same rules as golf only played with soccer balls. Players kick balls toIMG_20130610_155026_254 the greens and try to putt with their feet into 22″ cups in ground.

Fun for everyone, with no experience necessary.

Features: 9 holes and 18 tees.

For more information on Pricing click here:


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